Welcome to the Careers section at the City of Albany. Here you can get an insight into the exciting and challenging career opportunities available and browse through the rest of the Careers section to find out more about working at the City of Albany and what we offer.

By joining the City of Albany, you are joining a team that is centered on making a difference in our local community!



Work experience is the short term placement, of normally students, with employers to provide insights into the workplace and industry. It forms part of the schools’ educational program where students experience working life, often for the first time.

Students are placed primarily to observe and learn – not to undertake activities which require extensive training or experience. Unpaid work experience placements can be a great way to explore, or gain experience, in a new job or industry.

The aim of work experience is to provide someone with ideas about the skills needed in an industry and whether or not they meet the skill requirements. It will also help them to know whether or not they are suited to that type of position. It should help them identify their next ‘career’ steps.

If you are seeking work experience please complete the below forms and send them through to 

  • Some top tips to get the most out of a work experience placement:
  • Decide what you want to learn, experience, observe and explore;
  • Decide which work area you think would be best suited to your interests and what sort of work you would like to do?
  • Complete the relevant forms.



Albany is one of Western Australia’s most important and historic regional Cities. It has benefitted greatly in recent years from significant investment in a range of economic development initiatives and infrastructure projects. Much of this culminated in the successful and widely acclaimed ANZAC Centenary Commemoration which was held in November 2014. With the appointment of a new CEO in August 2015, the City is entering a truly exciting new era.

The services, facilities and activities that we offer are continually evolving and expanding. As an employee of the City, you can help us to reach our full potential. We employ around 380 staff members and provide an exceptional and committed service to the City of Albany and we create an environment where every employee has an opportunity to succeed.

The City's employment conditions are outlined by the City of Albany Collective Enterprise Agreement 2016 which you can download here:

City of Albany Collective Enterprise Agreement 2016 (3MB) View File  OR   Download FileCity of Albany Collective Enterprise Agreement 2016

Living our City of Albany values helps us to achieve better community outcomes. Together with our Code of Conduct, our values guide our behaviors and help us make decisions in our day to day work.

Although split across various worksites across the city, we all work together as one team and embrace the values that make the City of Albany an extraordinary place to work.

Our values are:

  • Focused; on community outcomes;
  • United; by working & learning together;
  • Accountable; for our actions; and
  • Proud; of our people and our community.

And when not at work, City of Albany employees enjoy the amazing location they live in and pursue interests ranging from cycling to surfing, from kayaking to knitting!

To ensure we attract and retain the best possible people to meet our future needs, we provide a comprehensive package of employee benefits.

Work Life Balance:-

  • The City of Albany is strongly committed to ensuring all employees achieve a healthy work life balance;
  • Professional and personal development;
  • Flexible working arrangements; and
  • A variety of leave entitlements.

Healthy Lifestyle and Wellbeing:-

  • Employee assistance program which provides a professional counselling service for employees;
  • As part of the health and wellbeing calendar, the City holds regular lunchtime information sessions, workshops and/or presentations;
  • Skin Cancer Screenings offered on an annual basis;
  • Flu Vaccinations provided free of charge annually;
  • Health insurance discounts via BUPA or HBF;
  • PPE is provided to all employees to ensure you are working in a safe and healthy environment; and
  • Whether you have been injured or been off work for a long period of time, the City will assist your return to work with ease. Our injury management and rehabilitation program, aims to return you back to pre-injury duties. Professional and Personal Development:-
  • Employees will receive on the job training and opportunities for professional and personal development as required. The City also offers secondments, higher duties and internal promotion opportunities;
  • Induction Program;
  • Traineeships and Apprenticeships; and
  • Work experience is available at the City.

Rewards and Recognition:-

  • Secondments and opportunities for acting/higher duties;
  • Annual performance reviews for opportunities of salary progression and professional development opportunities.

The Selection Process is your opportunity to showcase your personal attributes, strengths, personality, communication skills and above all, your suitability for the job you’re applying for. Make sure you’ve done your research, show your enthusiasm and passion for what you do.

Here are some tips which will help you ace the Selection Process!

  • Don’t forget to include the dates of your employment and arrange your jobs in chronological order;
  • Provide a short explanation of any gaps – for example maybe you went on a 3 month holiday or took time off to study;
  • Use dot point format to display your responsibilities and achievements in each role;
  • Make sure your contact details are correct, clearly displayed and professional! Steer clear of any unprofessional email accounts, for example,
  • Don’t forget to check your spelling and grammar (and don’t just rely on spell-check for this, to, too two, there and their are common mistakes which may not be picked up).

Before you apply for a position please read the position description (available immediately following the advertisement) carefully to assess your eligibility and suitability for the position.

At the interview answer interview questions like a STAR!

The STAR method is a great tool to remember when answering behavioural based interview questions such as, “Tell me about a time you handled a difficult customer complaint.” The STAR method will help you structure your response so that your answers paint a clear picture of the situation, actions and the outcome.

S – Situation (What was the situation?)

T – Task (What was the task that was required?)

A – Action (What did you do and how did you do it?)

R – Result (What was the outcome or end result?)

Lastly ask Good Questions.

This is a big tip! Demonstrate that you have done your homework and that you’re really listening and you understand what’s going on by asking relevant questions about the company and the job in question.

The City of Albany values and understands equity and diversity in the workplace and expects its employees to treat each other and members of the community with dignity and respect, regardless of characteristics such as sex, marital status, family responsibility or family status, race, religious commitment, age or impairment.

Occupational Safety and Health Manual (9MB) View File  OR   Download FileOccupational Safety and Health Manual, containing relevant Policies, Procedures, Guidelines, Forms, Action Plans and Information Sheets.