Spencer Park Engagement Results image

21 December 2017

Results from the City of Albany's '1000 cups of coffee, 100 conversations' project are now available for viewing at the Spencer Park Shopping Centre (next to Hardie Road Coffee).

Over 350 big ideas were shared over the three day consultation, with ideas randing from establishing a community garden and 'greening' the suburb, to introducing free and affordable neighbourhood events within Spencer Park.

Members of the community who dropped by for a coffee also shared what they love about Spencer Park with the key theme being the location and convenience.

Residents are encouraged to 'sign up' for the idea they are most passionate about by contacting Tammy Flett, Senior Community Development Officer on 6820 3023 or by emailing comdevel@albany.wa.gov.au. 

Future workshops to progress some of the ideas will be advertised on the City of Albany Facebook page and at the Spencer Park Shopping Centre.