Shared trails message promoted image

3 July 2018


Albany has an extensive network of trails and even in winter, residents enjoy using these trails for bushwalking, exercising the dog or riding their mountain bikes.

To help everyone enjoy the great outdoors safely, the City of Albany is continuing to promote a share the trails message and have installed “Shared Trail” signs on trails within the Albany Heritage Park precinct.

Manager City Reserves Jacqui Freeman said it was important everyone was able to enjoy and use the trails on Mt Clarence and Mt Adelaide safely.

“Although trails on the mounts have been used by both walkers and bike riders for many years there has been a steady growth in the number of people using the area and the signs are designed to ensure all users are aware that they may meet others on the trails,” she said.

The signs will be installed at regular intervals along all trails used by both walkers and riders.

“The shared trail signs will reinforce the signs already installed at information shelters in the area which encourage people to stay on the trails, walk, run or ride at a safe speed, keep dogs on the leads and treat other trail users with respect,” Ms Freeman said.