Residents are encouraged to reduce waste image

28 May 2018

As bulk waste collections commence this week, the City of Albany reminds residents that bulk hard waste will now be collected every two years, while bulk green waste collections will still take place annually.

Residents are encouraged to consider whether their discarded items are suitable for others to reuse or repurpose before placing them on the verge.

Albany Mayor Dennis Wellington said the City of Albany hoped to see residents reduce the amount of waste they send to landfill.

“Before putting something on the verge, consider whether it could be given away or upcycled,” Mayor Wellington said.

“While many people enjoy finding treasures during the collection period, it’s important to remember that rain can damage items and once they’re in the truck they’ll be crushed.”

“If you have something that could still be of use, then it takes minimal effort to donate it to Fossicker’s, the many op shops in town or through Facebook groups and websites such as Freecycle or Gumtree,” he said.

Located at the entry of the Hanrahan Road Waste Facility, Fossicker’s Tip Shop accepts specific items for resale, recycling and disposal at no cost to residents. Fossicker’s receives and sells goods in reasonable condition such as furniture, homewares, working electrical items, bicycles, clothing, books and toys, in addition to garden, renovation and outdoor products.

Items accepted for recycling include mobile phones and accessories, batteries, ink cartridges, light globes and tubes, gas bottles, televisions, computers and cooking oil, while household hazardous waste, such as cleaning products, paint and smoke detectors, can also be deposited at no charge to residents.

Residents are reminded to separate their hard waste into three piles: e-waste, metal and other junk. E-waste and steel can be recycled, while the other junk is destined for landfill.

Green waste, which must be placed loose on the verge, is taken to Vancouver Waste on John Street, Milpara to be recycled into compost and mulch.

For more information on bulk hard waste collection click here.