National Anzac Centre launches complimentary research kiosk for visitors image

10 January 2017

The National Anzac Centre and National Archives of Australia have partnered to provide visitors to the National Anzac Centre precinct with complimentary access to the ‘Discovering Anzacs’ online research archive via a technology kiosk located in the precinct.

‘Discovering Anzacs’ enables users to explore a diverse selection of government records about Australians and New Zealanders in World War I and the Boer War. Users can recreate the wartime journey of an individual on the frontline, or those left behind at home, as well as explore a growing selection of government records about soldiers, munitions workers, nurses, conscription, internment, wartime copyright and patents, defence correspondence and more.

The National Archives of Australia developed ‘Discovering Anzacs’ in partnership with Archives New Zealand as a gift to both nations for the centenary of World War I.

“We're proud to be able to bring together the official records of the National Archives of Australia and the Archives of New Zealand in our Discovering Anzacs website,” said David Fricker, Director-General of the National Archives of Australia.

In all, the site includes the records of more than 600,000 people involved in conflicts or behind the scenes, including those of munitions workers, internees and merchant marines, as well as servicemen and women.

“We hope members of the public will post their own photographs, news clippings and tributes to their relatives,” Mr Fricker said.

“I'm sure many people will also enjoy playing an active role in transcribing records online to make them more searchable – as many have done already.”
“All of these records help us discover the reality of war – what happened behind the public face of national pride and heroism.

As well as the heroes, there were those whose achievements went largely unrecognised. We see this website as a tribute to them all and a valuable resource for future research.”

Manager Albany Heritage Park Matt Hammond said the kiosk will enable visitors and locals to conduct their own archival research on the Australian and New Zealand contribution to World War I.

“The National Anzac Centre is a cultural pilgrimage for Australians wishing to honour and remember the ANZAC’s of the First World War, we pride ourselves on delivering state-of-the-art experiences that reflect this.”

“The kiosk will be a valuable resource for those wishing to undertake further research on the personal stories interpreted within the National Anzac Centre.”

The research kiosk is available free of charge at the Forts Store, located within the National Anzac Centre precinct.