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1 February 2019

Albany is full of wonderful people who are doing great things for their community and the environment.

From pulling weeds and dyeing clothes with avocado skins, to recycling batteries and cleaning up our beaches, there are passionate people doing their best in Albany’s war on waste and pollution.

We call them our Sustainable Heroes, ordinary people making small changes for a big impact on our future, and they’re featuring in a new series of Your City videos launching on social media tonight.

Proudly presented by the City of Albany and Cleanaway, the videos will educate and inspire residents to help make Albany cleaner and greener as the Sustainable Heroes share tips and tricks to adopt more environmentally friendly habits.

Your City’s Sustainable Heroes series follows on from last year’s successful Your City campaign, which reached more than 140,000 people on Facebook with more than 72,000 video views. The campaign shared the stories of people behind the scenes at the City of Albany, the work they do and how they are involved in your community.

The new series will feature community members making a difference in their homes, recreation spaces, schools and workplaces.

The City’s Waste Sustainability Officer Julie Passmore said everyone could be a Sustainable Hero.

“We know that more than 90% of Albany residents want to reduce the amount of waste going into landfill, and there are many other things we can also do to reduce our footprint on the environment,” Ms Passmore said.

“The Sustainable Heroes videos show that making a difference can be fun, simple and something we can all do.”

You can follow the ‘Sustainable Heroes’ series by liking the City of Albany News and Events Facebook page, downloading the City of Albany app or visiting our website at

Residents can find out more about the Sustainable Heroes and their actions in the 2019 Community Calendar.