Meet and greet Your Council in Bornholm image

12 November 2018

The City of Albany is inviting residents from Young Siding, Elleker, Bornholm, Kronkup and Torbay to a community forum for a meet and greet with Your Council.

Hosted by the City of Albany, the forum will be held on Friday November 23 at 7pm at the Bornholm Hall, and all residents in and around Albany are welcome.

Albany Mayor Dennis Wellington said the Council has received great feedback from previous meet and greet sessions, informing us that this is something that the community feels is a very beneficial opportunity for Council to engage face-to-face with residents.

“It is part of a renewed focus on communication and engagement allowing community to be involved and contribute,” Mayor Wellington said.

“We are keen to listen to the views and aspirations of community and these friendly forums are a great way for residents to meet councillors in an informal setting, and will continue each quarter at various locations around Albany.”

The City of Albany is actively engaging with community groups in the area including; the Torbay Hill Ratepayers and Residents Group, Elleker Progress Association, Torbay Catchment Group Inc, Young Siding Progress Association and the Bornholm Bushfire Brigade.

The City thanks the Bornholm Kronkup Community Centre for its support and providing the Bornholm Hall for the forum. For more information about the Meet & Greet Forums, please contact City of Albany Community Engagement Manager Julie-Ann Gray on 6820 3008.