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10 September 2018

Tourism industry stakeholders and operators can now join a new member-based tourism organisation representing the Amazing South Coast region.

Consolidation of local tourism organisations Denmark Tourism Inc, Discover Albany Foundation Ltd and Mount Barker Tourist Bureau Inc to become a regional body known as Amazing South Coast Tourism Inc represents a new collaborative era for the region’s tourism.

Memberships of the three previous entities lapsed on June 30, 2018 and previous members of these organisations are now encouraged to take up membership of the Amazing South Coast.

The restructure follows a similar consolidation of the previous Geographe Bay Tourism and Augusta Margaret River Tourism Associations into their region’s current strong and successful Local Tourism Organisation.

Amazing South Coast Tourism Inc chairman Dennis Wellington said the new organisation was focussed on promoting the region, providing more value for members and a better visitor experience.

“Through greater resources and a unified brand we are better positioned to attract more visitors and increase their length of stay and spend,” Mr Wellington said. “It will allow us to compete with other established and successful tourism regions around Australia and ensure the Amazing South Coast as a region is getting its fair share of the massive tourism trade.

Mr Wellington said the success of the organisation relied on support from the local industry and attracting a strong and loyal membership base.

“Tourism is a key business sector of the region and in a very competitive market it is going to require a collaborative investment of time and resources to increase our market share,” he said. “We urge people to join and get involved as the financial investment and time investment in tourism on the south coast is important to the sustainable growth of our region.”

The board of Amazing South Coast Tourism Inc is currently finalising the appointment of an executive officer and will make further announcements about this soon.

To enquire about membership of Amazing South Coast Tourism Inc, contact membership officer Kate Lown by emailing