Guidelines to achieve good design at Middleton Beach image

2 March 2018

Council has endorsed the proposed design guidelines for the Middleton Beach Activity Centre for public comment so the community can have a chance to help set expectations for development at the popular beachfront.

The design guidelines were prepared by LandCorp in response to earlier community consultation and a Local Planning Scheme requirement to put in place a tool to ensure good design outcomes across the Activity Centre project.

Mayor Dennis Wellington said the community would now have a chance to provide its feedback before the guidelines are finalised.

“It will guide the building design principles on the lots that will be created after subdivision,” Mayor Wellington said.

“The design guidelines aim to promote a high quality public realm and achieve design excellence that results in a vibrant, sustainable and liveable development at Middleton Beach.

“This is a very exciting and important development for Albany so it is essential that we work with LandCorp and the community to get it right.”

Part of the requirements of the design guidelines is for the hotel design to be reviewed by a design review panel, such as the proposed State Design Review Panel or, if not established, the WA Office of the Government Architect. For the other sites, a design review panel would be appointed by the City of Albany in consultation with LandCorp.

“Having a design review process in place and assessing the buildings for their visual impact is about ensuring the principles of the design guidelines are followed and that the buildings we end up with meet the community’s expectations,” Mayor Wellington said.

Other aspects of the design guidelines include design setbacks and the general location of the buildings and heights that may be considered on the site. The integration of public and private spaces to encourage an active and vibrant mixed-use precinct with communal open space, visual privacy and connectivity are also considered.

The official public comment period is expected to commence after Easter in collaboration with LandCorp.