FREE registration for pet owners image

9 March 2017

Cat and dog owners who haven’t registered their pets are encouraged to visit the City of Albany North Road administration office on Saturday, 18 March and take advantage of FREE registration.

The free registration will be valid until 31 October 2017 and residents are encouraged to renew their registrations once the 7 month registration expires.

Residents will need to present their microchipping paper work to Ranger staff to register their dog or cat. Microchipping will also be available on the day for any animals that have not been chipped.

Cats must be sterilised before they can be registered, so proof of sterilisation should also be provided by cat owners.

City of Albany Ranger Team Leader Colin Hyde encouraged the community to jump on board this fantastic opportunity to be responsible pet owners.

"Registering and microchipping your pet ensures that if your dog or cat happens to run away, our Ranger team or a vet can quickly and easily reunite you with your pet," Mr Hyde said.