Footpath upgrade improves access for seniors image

15 March 2017

Footpath upgrade improves access for seniors
Residents of the RAAFA Amity Village are among those to benefit from an upgrade to the footpath at the intersection of North Road and Ulster Road.
The works by the City of Albany extended the existing footpath and added additional crossing points.
Senior Community Development Officer Rani Param said the need for footpath improvements was identified during consultation with Amity Village residents.
“As part of the Age-Friendly Albany Plan we consulted with residents to determine barriers to active transport use,” Ms Param said.
“The improved footpath allows for safer and easier crossing of North and Ulster Roads which will potentially encourage more residents to walk for transport and recreation.
“The City of Albany has also established a weekly walking group at Amity Village, residents walk each Friday from the Village to a destination where they enjoy a coffee before returning home.
“Some were hesitant before joining the group, but have surprised themselves by walking comfortably to town and home again.”