Floats to be upgraded on swimming enclosure image

20 December 2016

Global Marine Enclosures will be carrying out work to upgrade the floats on the Ellen Cove Swimming Enclosure between Christmas and the New Year.

This work will be done over two consecutive days and is scheduled for between December 27 and 31, weather permitting.

The current floats will be removed and replaced with a new, improved oval-shaped float design which handles the impact of waves better and creates less wear.

There will be no beach closures or disruptions to swimmers and the integrity of the enclosure will not be compromised while the floats are replaced.

City of Albany Chief Executive Officer Andrew Sharpe said the City was pleased with the performance of the swimming enclosure and quashed rumours that it was damaged.

“Rumours that there is another hole in the barrier are not true,” he said. “The enclosure is inspected regularly and since the teething problems in April which required some repairs, the enclosure has been performing well.

“It has withstood some strong winter storm surges without any further issues and the City is looking forward to seeing the enclosure in operation for its first full summer.

“The City is continuing to work with Global Marine Enclosures to refine the design and performance of the enclosure, and the upgrade of the floats is part of this and in keeping with the spirit of participating in the trial of this new swimming enclosure technology.”