Council endorses trails concept plan image

21 December 2016

Albany City Council has adopted the Albany Heritage Park Trails Concept Plan which aims to create a network of new best-practice designed trails on Mt Adelaide and Mt Clarence.

Council’s endorsement of the plan allows the project to progress to a detailed design stage which will include environmental and indigenous surveys and approvals. As part of the detailed design process, the City will consider all feedback received during the community consultation phase.

“Council believes this is a well-balanced concept plan that will provide about 1.5 hrs of walk only trails and 1 hour of mountain-bike only trails, as well as 20km of dual-use trails,” Mayor Dennis Wellington said. “These trails will be designed to best practice standards and will be designed to protect the environment while enhancing the user experience as well as being sustainable in the long-term.”

Best-practice standards as defined in the Department of Parks and Wildlife’s WA Mountain Bike Management Guidelines and the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment’s Users Guide to the Australian Walking Track Grading System will guide the detailed design of the trails.

A 900m demonstration mountain bike trail is already under construction on Mt Clarence and has received positive feedback. Some rehabilitation of old trails not part of future plans has also begun.

“Some of the old trails within the park precinct that have not been identified as being sustainable for future use are being rehabilitated,” project officer Carl Beck said. “Part of the conditions within the permits to clear for new trails is a requirement to rehabilitate at least 2m2 for every m2 of clearing undertaken and is an important part of the environmental sustainability of this project.”

The detailed design phase will start in the New Year, with environmental and other assessments and approvals expected to take about 12 months. Trails will be constructed in a phased approach, subject to external funding being available.