City's renewable energy goal powers on image

27 April 2018

Albany City Council has agreed to continue to explore viable self-sufficient energy options to power Albany into the future as the State Government this week also progressed its investment in wave energy research in Albany.

The City is working closely with Western Power and other energy industry stakeholders to workshop possible solutions as it embarks on a goal to become fully self-sustaining with renewable energy generation by 2026, which coincides with Albany’s bicentennial.

At its meeting on Tuesday night, Council endorsed discussions continuing with key stakeholders to find ways for Albany to be self-supporting in meeting its energy requirements, and generate opportunities for renewable energy research and development.

Mayor Dennis Wellington said Albany was in a strong position to adopt and grow renewable energy and he welcomed the establishment of a new Wave Energy Research Centre in Albany.

On Tuesday, Premier Mark McGowan announced the Government was awarding $3.75 million to UWA to establish a centre of excellence for wave energy research in Albany, which will attract local and international scientists to the region.

Mayor Wellington said he was pleased this world-leading research would take place in Albany.

“Wave energy is in its infancy, but there are exciting possibilities for the future and it could become a viable way of power generation in decades to come,” the Mayor said.

“We’re very supportive of the investment the State is making in researching wave energy and supportive of the work UWA is doing to explore and grow this renewable energy opportunity.”

Mayor Wellington said renewable energy was the way of the future and gaining increased momentum worldwide as fossil fuel resources declined.

“Energy security is a real issue and we need to find ways to generate power in more sustainable ways,” he said.

“Renewable energy is an innovative industry with exciting potential and we want Albany to be part of the solution. Albany has already had considerable success with wind power generation so we want to continue to be leaders and be involved in any way we can to find other viable solutions.”