Bike Week  image

17 March 2017

Cycle City Living Albany offers numerous opportunities for community members to join Western Australia’s annual celebration of people riding bikes.
Supported by Department of Transport and WestCycle, Bike Week 2017 will run from today to Sunday, March 26.
City of Albany TravelSmart Officer Carl Beck said Cycle City Living Albany celebrates people riding bikes for transport, fitness and recreation.
“We’re keen to highlight that cycling can be for anyone, it’s a great way to use your car less, improve your health, make new friends and enjoy Amazing Albany,” Mr Beck said.
“We have a number of activities planned to give kids and adults a chance to improve their skills and fitness, as well as fun ways to incorporate cycling into everyday life by using your bike to carry the shopping, or to get to school and work.
“Bike Week is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate Albany as a Cycle City and to help people discover how they can join in the fun too.”
Cycle City Living Albany is a collaboration between the City of Albany, cycle clubs, community organisations, schools, businesses and individuals for Bike Week.
For a full list of Bike Week activities, please visit our website or contact our TravelSmart Officer on 6820 3453.