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7 May 2018 16:50pm - 29 June 2018 09:02 AM

Location: 52-70 Barker Rd, Centennial Park WA 6330

Contact Name: Jacob Podlich

Contact Phone: 68203455

Contact Email:

How to book:

Visit to download an enrolment or email for more information

Active Albany is a unique and innovative program offering a range of diverse and affordable activities, competitions, groups and workshops designed to help community members become more active and healthy on a daily basis.

Active Albany would not be possible without the support from our Healthy Albany partners, volunteers and activity leaders.

Active Albany's Activity Leaders are qualified, experienced individuals who would like to give back to the community by providing free or low cost community based fitness, health or sport workshops or programs at ALAC or other City facilities.

If you’re interested in sharing your passion with others or just wanting to give back to the community, why not become an Activity Leader for Active Albany?

For more information please contact Albany Leisure and Aquatic Centres Recreation Programs Officer Jacob Podlich on 6820 3455 or email