The City of Albany releases seasonal community updates on strategic projects across the City of Albany. These community update information sheets aim to keep the community informed and updated on key projects and strategies within the community.

Emu Point to Middleton Beach Coastal Adaptation and Protection StrategyThe Emu Point to Middleton Beach Coastal Adaptation and Protection Strategy commenced in 2012. The strategy covers the coastal system that includes Oyster Harbour, Emu Point and Middleton Beach and extends from Ellen Cove to the Emu Point Boat Pens. The development of this strategy is an ongoing process and includes consideration of the following:

• gaining community input;
• assessing all previous studies;
• identifying gaps in previous data and then filling these gaps;
• understanding the essential character and values of the area;
• identifying viable management options for the short and long term, and;
• Maintaining existing coastal protection structures.

The City will be constantly monitoring, evaluating this strategy as it evolves and is committed to engaging with the community throughout this process.

The City of Albany was recently successful in receiving $54,543 in funding from the Department of Transport Coastal Adaptation and Protection Grants for 2015/16. This funding will be matched by the City and will be used to continue the comprehensive monitoring program that is being conducted and to protect existing coastal protection structures.

The below Implementation Plan details the specific tasks to be carried out.


Real Time Wind data


Daily Wind Data


Weekly Wind Data


In March 2015, the City of Albany engaged specialist coastal engineers to investigate and prepare a report for the feasibility of an artificial surf reef at Middleton Beach. Haskoning Australia, a division of Royal HaskoningDHV (RHDHV) have prepared this Albany Artificial Surfing Reef Feasibility Study report in response to the City of Albany’s (CoA) desire to provide recreational surfing amenity at Middleton Beach, through the construction of an Artificial Surfing Reef (ASR). The ASR is to be designed specifically for younger and beginner to intermediate surfers; given the lack of suitable surfing waves close to the town centre and those breaks located at a distance to town tending to present far more challenging conditions.

The primary objective of the study as per the City’s brief, was to consider:

  • The creation of a consistent, surfable wave, which maximises available swell conditions and is central to Albany, driving benefits in tourism, economic development and retention of Albany’s younger age demographic.

An executive summary of the report is below for your reference and information. Please note: the below report is no longer classified confidential and will updated in due course

The Ellen Cove Swimming Enclosure project has been funded by a $200,000.00 State Government grant along with Council setting aside $30,000.00 a year for maintenance over the enclosures three year trial period.

The enclosure is an Aquarius Barrier and is exciting new shark exclusion technology designed to protect swimmers without affecting other marine life or the environment.

The Swimming Enclosure trial aligns with the aims of a new Tourism Australia campaign to highlight and enhance aquatic and coastal visitor experiences.

Ellen Cove swimming enclosure

Site works for the York Street Enhancement Project are well advanced and on schedule.

Following the completion of underground services, drainage, kerbing, asphalting and multifunctional light pole footings in February, the southbound traffic lane and verge parking in front of businesses was opened ahead of schedule on Saturday 5th March.

Since then works have focussed on the construction of median paving and granite planters, planting of street trees, and kerbing, paving and drainage upgrades along Alison Hartman Gardens and the Town Square. 

The site is currently being prepared for the busy Easter period, which will involve the temporary opening of the northbound lane (in addition to the southbound lane) and pedestrian crossings.

The City continues to work in close consultation with surrounding businesses and local community groups to minimise disruption to the normal operation of the street operation, as well as maintain the busy community event program.

The installation of furniture and street lights is scheduled to occur in late April / early May, once the street has been fully re-opened in early-mid April.

York Street Enhancements

York Street Enhancements

Centennial Park Sporting Precinct


Western precinct works underway


The Centennial Park Sporting Precinct is now well underway with the construction of the western precinct playing fields complete. Major earthworks, sub soil drainage, irrigation and turfing have all been completed. Currently new playing field lighting is being commissioned ready for the winter sporting season April 2016.

Cricket turf wicket construction has commenced.


Centennial Park Sporting Precinct


Cricket/Soccer Pavilion


Construction work for the pavilion has begun with structural steel and roof cover completed. Internal works are underway. Current indicated completion date in August 2016. The new pavilion will provide elevated and tiered viewing to the eastern fields and covered viewing to the western fields.


Centennial Park Sporting Precinct


AFL Stadium Building


The new football stadium is a key priority for the project. It will provide elevated viewing clubrooms, event space, bar, function and meeting rooms. The construction tender has been awarded to Smith Constructions. Currently demolition works are in progress under a separate contract. Earthworks for the building pad are complete and set up for the footings has just started, completion of the stadium is scheduled for the end of 2016. The stadium playing field construction will commence shortly.



Centennial Park Sporting Precinct