The City of Albany Corporate Services directorate manages day to day City operations including finances, leasing and procurement, rates and payments, information technology, human resources and customer service.

The City of Albany strives to provide exceptional customer service. Customer Services is the first point of contact at the North Road Administration Office. The Customer Service staff can assist you to pay your rates, pay a fine, register a pet and much more.

The Finance and Rates department issues Rate notices and provides rating and land information. The Finance department also handles payment for all City of Albany creditors and contractors as well as debtors management.

The IT team ensures technology within the City of Albany runs smoothly and efficiently. They also manage the City of Albany's websites and phone systems.

The Records team maintain the City of Albany's electronic and hard copy filing system, they handle all incoming mail and distribute to the correct officer to be actioned.

The Human Resources team manages employee relations and recruitment. They also manage Occupational Health and Safety within the City of Albany and provide employee assistance where required.

The Leasing and Procurement teams manage all procurement, including tenders, and leasing within the City of Albany.

The Leasing team manages the City's property leasing portfolio as well as maintenance of all Council leased properties.

Procurement manages the procurement process and maintains the effectiveness of the tender processes.