The integrated planning and reporting framework provides an overview of our community's aspirations and strategic direction via the Community Strategic Plan and details how the City will deliver community outcomes via the Corporate Business Plan.

These plans were developed with extensive community engagement and input. The Community Strategic Plan is reviewed based on an independent community perception survey conducted every 2 years and a collaborative review involving all stakeholders every 4 years. The Corporate Business Plan is reviewed and updated annually via the budget build process.

The integrated planning and reporting framework is built around our vision "To be Western Australia's most sought-after and unique regional City" and 5 key themes that reflect the aspirations and strategic priorities of our community being:

  • Smart Prosperous & Growing
  • Clean Green and Sustainable
  • A Connected Built Environment
  • A Sense of Community
  • Civic Leadership

Our Aspiration:

“We will partner business and education providers to diversify our economy and establish a culture of learning to support and grow local employment.”

Our Objectives:
• To foster education, training and employment opportunities that support economic development.
• To strengthen our region’s economic base.
• To develop and promote Albany as a unique and sought-after visitor destination.

Our Aspiration:

“We will value and maintain the natural beauty of our region and the infrastructure that supports this.”

Our Objectives:
• To protect and enhance our natural environment.
• To maintain and renew city assets in a sustainable manner.
• To advocate for and support “green initiatives” within our region.

Our Aspiration:

“We will develop integrated precincts and neighbourhoods that allow for population growth and enhance the lifestyle of our residents.”

Our Objectives:
• To advocate, plan and build friendly and connected communities.
• To develop and implement planning strategies that support people of all ages and backgrounds.
• To develop vibrant neighbourhoods which retain our local character and heritage.

Our Aspiration:

“We will live in communities where people feel they belong and are supported in a manner that reflects our rich and diverse heritage.”

Our Objectives:
• To build resilient and cohesive communities with a strong sense of community spirit.
• To create interesting places, spaces and events that reflect our community’s identity, diversity and heritage.
• To develop and support a healthy inclusive and accessible community.

Our Aspiration:

“We will listen to our community and deliver outcomes that reflect their needs and expectations.”

Our Objectives:
• To establish and maintain sound business and governance structures.
• To provide strong, accountable leadership supported by a skilled & professional workforce.
• To engage effectively with our community.

A snapshot of the City's strategic priorities over the next 4 years

To embed our strategic vision and key themes:

  • To address strategic risks
  • To deliver major projects and events
  • To engage effectively with our community

A summary of the strategic projects the City will deliver over the next 4 years and how these align with the key themes in the Community Strategic Plan

A structure of the service delivery teams within the City of Albany and a one page summary of key focus areas and measures of success for each team

Assumptions - Key Performance Indicators's and financial statements for the next 4 years