To help you access information on common environmental health issues, the City of Albany has prepared a range of information sheets. Together with various posters and brochures, they cover a wide range of environmental health topics and answer frequently asked questions.

If you want information on a subject not covered by an information sheet, please contact an environmental health officer at the City on 9841 9333.

A food premises and vehicles information pack has been prepared by the City of Albany to provide information for proprietors, architects or builders who are seeking approval to operate, upgrade or construct a food outlet or vehicle that meets the public health requirements.

People wishing to provide produce (including cakes, jams, etc) to a food stall at a market, fete, carnival or other event are also advised that their produce must meet certain conditions and food labelling guidelines

Some neighbourhood stores freeze chilled food, particularly meat products, to extend the product's shelf life and to meet customers' needs. Customers should be aware that this practice invalidates the use-by date shown on the product and does not provide accurate information for the purchaser on the quality of the product.

This information pack provides information for those who wish to establish or who currently operate a hairdressing establishment in the City of Albany.

Information sheets are available from the City of Albany for developers wanting to establish or upgrade a caravan park or camping ground, or those park users wanting to place a rigid annexe or a park home on a caravan park facility.

In an endeavour to protect the safety and wellbeing of the public, any venue where an event or function will be held, including temporary public buildings such as marquees, is inspected to ensure it meets the required standards and has adequate exits, lighting, ventilation and sanitary facilities.

Under the provisions of the Public Building Regulations it is necessary for some public buildings to have an emergency evacuation plan. This information is presented to help organisations prepare an emergency evacuation plan for their building.

In an endeavour to protect the environmental quality of the local harbours and other water bodies in the Albany area, the City of Albany assesses all applications for on-site effluent disposal on health and environmental grounds. Up to date information, covering all areas or wastewater management, can be found at the following website: Department of Health, Public Health - wastewater management

Standards have been developed to help minimise dust and sand nuisances from cleared land and building sites. Land needs to be cleared and filled to undertake development but there are obligations on developers to minimise the inconvenience their actions cause to neighbouring landowners.